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I help leaders do their jobs, solve their problems and get along with each other. 


With more than 25 years in leadership positions, I provide a fresh perspective that is rooted in personal experiences and a track record of success.

Clients include individual leaders of large and small nonprofit and for profit organizations; boards of directors; leadership teams.

My goal is for you to be successful and feel supported so that you can confidently lead your business, your organization, your division or your team. Together, we will assess your organization, dig into your questions, and create practical, achievable, and specific solutions that will last.


We can work together for a few weeks or a few years — it’s up to you and your needs.  Let’s talk about what you’re wrestling with and how I can help.


“Working with Crina has been really important to my ability to fully step into my role as an Executive Director and my power as a leader. She gets into the details and dynamics of what’s going on, and asks the hard questions, with grace, so that I can be really open about the answers and evaluate and learn.”


I was so grateful to connect with Crina shortly after becoming Board President for the first time. Crina has the unique ability to view a situation from both a people and a process perspective. She approaches coaching with curiosity and kindness, empowering me to lead with my strengths. I trust Crina’s guidance as she continually displays a great understanding of cause and effect in relationships. With an increased focus on positive board culture and implementation of strategy and structure, I’ve seen the engagement of the board increase.


“Crina's professional chops were honed from years of experience in non-profit leadership, organizational development, public speaking, education, and advocacy work.  She is a gifted consultant/advisor/mentor with a knack for quickly getting to the heart of an issue and finding practical solutions.  And Crina knows how to make learning both rewarding and fun!”


"Crina’s support in building my skills and capacity to lead my organization goes light years beyond any training or workshop I’ve ever attended. It’s a rare gift to be able to sit down with someone like Crina, who has an intricate understanding of nonprofits and leadership, to talk through problems and then roll up our sleeves and find the solutions that make sense for me, my team, and nonprofit. Together, we’ve been able to tackle important projects that lived on the back-burner and kept me up at night. I am a stronger leader and better sleeper thanks to Crina."



Crina has challenged me to be honest with myself about my personal goals, personal and professional priorities, and has driven me much farther forward in my path than I would have made it without her help.



"Every conversation I have with Crina seems to be a game-changing conversation. Her holistic perspective and wisdom from a lifetime of leadership always leave me feeling taller, more expansive, and inspired."


Working with Crina has helped me become clear on my goals and steps I can take now to achieve them. I've rediscovered my inner-voice and confidence through our conversations over several weeks. Crina acts as a sounding board and confidante; her thoughtful guidance puts my needs at the heart of each matter we tackle. She has a tremendous amount of experience to draw upon, she is honest and direct and I'm growing in ways I hadn't imagined because of it.



Crina’s facilitation of our strategic planning meetings was engaging and effective. Crina used the planning phase of our work to discover and diffuse issues that may have come up as barriers in the meetings she facilitated. She listened to our perceived problems and goals, and then prompted us to dig deeper and uncover the drivers of problems, and refine our goals to be actionable. Crina used time with intention. When a strategy yielded unexpected results, she created a work-around to advance the project, and reviewed it with me before making changes. In the end, we built trust, generated valuable content, and gained tools for our next steps. I highly recommend hiring Crina for planning and facilitation roles.



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